Kippie Lodge Spotlight: Rosee Elliott

If you’re thinking about getting back to the gym in your latter, more advanced, years then Kippie Lodge is the place to start, re-start or pick up where you left off. At Kippie Lodge, we welcome individuals from all walks of life. Keeping this in mind, today we are shining the spotlight on one of our members.

Over the years, Rosee Elliott maintained her fitness by walking and swimming, never considering utilising the gym. At 71, Rosee has spent the last 2 years improving her fitness and utilising the Kippie Lodge Gym facilities. She has became a role model for her peers and friends alike showing onlookers you can get fit at any age.

The best way to start is to consider taking sessions regularly with a Personal Trainer. This is exactly what member Rosee Elliott did and her journey is so inspiring we thought we would put our spotlight on it. So let us take a deeper dive.

The Beginning of Rosee’s Journey

my son advised me to start working on my muscle mass to help protect my bones”. 

Rosee Elliott

She said, “I am a keen walker and watch what I eat and I did think that was enough to keep me fit.  Then, unfortunately out walking one day I fell and broke my wrist.  It was then that my son advised me to start working on my muscle mass to help protect my bones”. 

At a loss how to go about starting lifting weights Rosee arranged a gym show round with Kippie Personal Trainer Michelle Milligan.

The Road to Personal Achievement

Rosee quickly came to realise that she needed a bespoke gym programme. She decided to enroll, with Michelle and commit to a 2 hour per week personal training regime. 

“Initially, my starting weight I could lift was 55kg and now, 2 years later, I use that as my starting weight – now lifting 75kg”. 

Rosee Elliott

Rosee has continued to see Michelle twice per week and says that the benefits to her health have been amazing.  “I did know I was relatively fit before but this is a whole new level.  I feel strong and my motivation just keeps growing stronger.

Building Muscle over 70

Michelle starts her training with Rosee with 10 minutes of cardio which can range from the rower, bike or cross trainer.  Then straight into weight training which differs at each session. Michelle says “Rosee is such an inspiration, she loves to take up a challenge and I do push her as I know she can do it.”  Weight exercises range from battle ropes, slam ball, sledge, free weights. Rosee added “I noticed the difference in my body shape within a few weeks which spurs you on to do more”.  If I can do it anyone can”.

Rosee is such an inspiration,

Michelle Milligan, Personal Trainer

Rosee Keeping Fit and her New hobby

Rosee has never been one to take it easy.  She took over The House of Colour a few years back which is a colour and image consultancy. Now, in her 71st year, she is writing her first self-help book ‘Behind the Mirror’.  “Chapter one is completed and I’m really enjoying myself.  I hope the book will inspire people”. 

Want to give it a go?

As we get older, muscle mass gradually decreases but the good news is that you can rebuild and maintain your muscles. It’s advised, that all adults over the age of 65 years consult their doctor before starting out a new fitness routine. Kippie provides a range of fitness activities that help you get stronger from TRX classes to yoga and pilates.  With so many options you do not have to lift heavy weights to get the strength results you are after. 

However, if you start with bodyweight exercises, there will come a time when the exercises are no longer challenging you, and you stop making progress.   The key is to keep challenging yourself and you WILL see the change – go on, give it a go. For further information please visit:

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