Troubleshooting the Kippie Lodge APP

Kippie Lodge, Aberdeen has a new mobile APP so we have decided to create a troubleshooting guide to help you through some of the most common issues.

This guide assumes you are already registered on the APP. However, if you are still trying to gain access please contact Reception who will help you download and register – it will only take a few minutes.

The most common App issues:

Please be aware with all new software it can be a working progress and of course frustrating. Kippie is no exception and we have most definitely experienced hitches over the last few weeks. These have been raised and dealt with via our developers and APPLE. Lets take a bit of time and look at the most common issues.

Adding Family Members to a Block Booking

Question: Block bookings for family members – how do I add family members?

Answer: You must add your family members to your account to be able to book block bookings; i.e swimming sessions. 

Firstly, you will require your family member’s Unique Membership Numbers.  You can request these from Reception
Once you have attained these follow these steps or watch this short video:
  1. Open up your app
  2. Click on ‘my profile’
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘manage family members’
  4. Click on ‘add existing contact – add contact’
  5. Add in your first family members membership number – must be prefixed with KL
  6. Add in details as requested – please note: the information must be the exact information that we have on our database.  If you are having difficulties, please call Reception who will help.

How to Add a Block Booking

Question: My family members are now added but how can I make a block booking – it only allows me to book myself into swimming?        

Answer: If you click on pool bookings or class bookings you will only be able to book for yourself.  To book your family into swimming follow the next few steps:

  1. Open up ‘my profile’
  2. Click to make a booking
  3. Click Kippie Lodge
  4. Select Activity
  5. Select time
  6. Select number of tickets and attendees
  7. Remember to check out

App Crashing when Canceling Golf or Tennis

Question: I book golf or tennis and I want to cancel but when I go to ‘my bookings’ and select cancel, my APP crashes

Answer: We are aware that on some iPhones this is a glitch/fault.  APPLE is aware and it is under investigation.  In the meantime, if this is occurring on your phone click on ‘my profile’ then manage my bookings and cancel your activity.

Class Waiting Lists

Question: I am on the waiting list for a class – how do I know I am offered a space?

Answer: You will automatically be enrolled in the class if a space becomes available and you are the first in the waiting list.  An email will be sent to you. 
Please be aware:  you are then enrolled in the class by default – if you no longer can attend the class you MUST cancel or you will be marked as a no-show.

Your Additional Questions Answered

Here are 2 additional videos that answer questions on billing and multiple bookings as well as how to turn off notifications.


The Kippie Lodge App is new for members and Kippie staff alike. We will have various troubleshooting issues as we learn and develop. Please check back here or read through any additional troubleshooting articles released as we go.

For now, I hope this has been helpful for you and you can start getting the most out of your app.

The Kippie Team

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